The most beautiful way
to express and develop
your gratitude

Limited edition handcrafted ‘thank you’ cards
for people who care. Delivered every month.
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Receive cards

Receive every month a unique collection of handcrafted hard-stock ‘thank you’ cards with matching craft envelopes

Send love

Take out a pen, write a note and send it to a friend / colleague / stranger that you believe deserves a special ‘thank you’

Become happier

Positive psychology research shows that regular gratitude letter writing can make you happier by 25%

It means you care

In a world where the time is the most precious resource, sending thankfulmail means you care. Set everything aside and dedicate 15 minutes to someone else who has impacted your life in a positive way. From the bus driver taking you to work every morning to the best friend since high school – if we appreciate the people and things we have in our lives, and get ourselves into habits of thankful thinking, we will all be happier.

It makes you happier

Positive psychologists from all around the world keep on discovering positive effects of gratitude on our lives. From better sleep to lower stress levels, scientific research shows that by being grateful we can increase personal happiness level by up to 25%. So by building the gratitude habit, you’re not only lighting up the day of a dear person, but also creating significant ripple effects on your personal happiness.

What is inside

Every monthly collection consists of 4 timeless ‘thank you’ cards with matching 4 craft envelopes.


Designed in Switzerland and produced in the Nordics out of Arctic Paper, the highest quality hard stock with eggshell finish, these cards transmit timeless emotions to your card recipient. All cards are based on works of uprising talented designers and photographers handpicked by us from all across the world.


Every collection comes with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING







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Start Your Local Thankfulmail Club

Thankfulmail senders & receivers meet in local cafes to share the experience of writing letters of gratitude together over a cup of coffee.

Filled with sincere stories and genuine people, these gatherings is the soil where gratitude flourishes in each one of us.

It’s at the core of thankfulmail commitment of bringing back the magic of Thank You.


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