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More Questions? Check out our FAQ’s below.


Do I really need a subscription service for ‘thank you’ cards?

thankfulmail has been created with the mission to help people from all walks of life to develop the habit of gratitude in them by the power of handwritten ‘thank you’ notes. In other words, it uses the repeating nature of a subscription service to build the habit that will make positive difference in your life. It may seem surprising that handwriting a note to someone once each week can have a dramatic impact on your life, but science shows it can boost our happiness levels by 25%. If that’s not enough, have we mentioned all the love you will receive from recipients of your notes?


Do you sell e-cards?

We do not. We believe that the power of a handwritten note nowadays is unmatched. If you really want to tell someone that they matter to you, the best way of doing it is to spend a bit of your valuable time on them. We didn’t want to add to the noise of online communication — we wanted to provide relief from the noise. We create things that can be held and cherished.


I just signed up for a thankfulmail subscription! When can I expect my first collection?

Welcome to the gratitude movement! If you have signed up in the first half (until 14th day) of the month, you will receive an email notification informing that the current month collection has been sent to you. If you sign up in the second half of the month – your first collection will be shipped together with all new collection recipients on the first week of the following month.


When will I be billed for my subscription?

If you order today, the first payment will be billed on the same day to prepare the monthly collection send out to you. After that, all monthly subscribers will be charged on the same day of every subsequent month. Annual subscribers are charged upon purchase, and then again one year later. Of course, you can cancel any time before the billing cycle renews.


What is your cancellation policy?

Monthly subscribers can cancel their thankful subscription at any time. There is no cancellation fee. Since new collections are shipped out on the first week of every month, subscriptions can be canceled or paused anytime prior to that to avoid receiving the new collection. Annual subscribers can pause, modify, or cancel their subscriptions anytime before their 12-month cycle renews. Annual subscription cancellation requests are made effective at end of the annual term. Since annual subscriptions afford a €24 discount for a year of ‘thank you’ cards, they are nonrefundable. For cancellation requests just send us an email to hello(at)


Can I print my own photos on such cards?

If you would like to print out your photos in a similar format, we recommend turning to our sister-project called Happiness Printed.


Is it true that thankfulmail is a non-profit project?

Absolutely – thankfulmail is a project of 100happydays foundation on the mission to increase awareness of people about personal well-being and happiness in their communities. You can learn more about the foundation here: